Akazawa Muck

Akazawa Muck

Akazawa Muck

Birthday: December 17, 1978
Place of birth: Hokkaido

Established 「Kokusyokukitan ? Ground of Canary」in 2003, she has been a successful theater producer and not only that, she has been also successful on the screens.

2011  NHK「TARO Tower」 
         TBS「LADY~Last profile crimes~」
2010  TBS「Fri Darkness Ushijima-kun」
2009  CX「Premier den」※Comments
         TBS「We love the quintuplet!」
         BS JAPAN「EISEI spirits Season2 ~ Suicidal Magic A+B~」
2008  TBS「Sweet 10 – My last love」
         TBS「History of Syowa-era project ? Great Tokyo Air Raids」
2006  Family Theater 「TV Comedy Club King」

2011  「Affair Pure love」Directed:Yazaki Hitoshi
2010  「MUSUBIME ?the Knot」Directed:Onuma Yuichi
         ※Exhibit /Cairo International Film Festival・Santa Barbara International Film Festival
2009  「The princess of Kasabuta」Directed: Mishiro Shinichi
         「Bend! spoon」Directed: Motohiro Katsuyuki
2007  「Seven-colored」Directed:Sakamoto Kikeji
         「Laundry washer」Directed:Hirota Masaoki 
2006  「PAYHIM」Directed:Sakamoto Kikeji
         「Doors 5」Directe:Akazawa Muck ※First Film Direction
2005  「Last Episode “A map and missile”」 Directed:Hirota Masaoki
         「“Way to the spy 2 – Spy wanted ~Fujiko, the eternal spy”」
         Directed:Sakamoto Kikeji
2004  「Straight-lined Labyrinth」Directed:Sakamoto Kikeji 
         ※Film was released for 2004 Tokyo International Fantastice Movie Festival

《STAGE -Cast history-》
‘Kokusyokukitan ? Ground of Canary’
2011  「Ugly flower? Photograph of boyhood」@Shimokitazawa OFF/OFF Theatre
         Directer:Ushijima Misao(TETSUWARI Albatrossket)Write:Akazawa Muck
2010  「Tears of dark rain ~a shrine maiden’s girl」@NAKANO The Pocket 
2009  Extra Performance「Play reading ‘Storybook Collection’」@Art space quip
         Extra Performance「Play reading  ‘Collection of Modern Noh’」
         @Tea drinking Vioron
2008  「ASHINOKAGO – a Cradle of reed」@Aoyama Round Theatre
2007  Extra Performance「Evening Talk Leucadendron」@Tea drinking Vioron
         「Diary of Cocoon」@Zamuza  ASAGAYA
2006  「An Eye Taker」@Zamuza  ASAGAYA
2005  「Field+Writhes+Flood」@Zamuza  ASAGAYA
2004  「Ugly flower? Photograph of boyhood」@AKASHI Studio
2003  「Beetle under the moonlight ~conception play」@AKASHI Studio

‘External appearance’
2011  Damian「Sermons robbery」@Asahi Art Square
2010  International Theater Institute Play reading「Women wearing veil」
         @Theatre iwato
         Institute director Play reading「Thirteen hundred and one people」
         @Nakano Akutore
         Miniature garden Waltz「Women now go to bed」
         @Shimokitazawa Station Theatre 
2009  Circus Theatre×3mm Earth「Dog story」@Shimokitazawa Theatre 711
2008  KEGAWA-ZOKU「We Love! Quint-play!!」@Harajyuku Little Underground
         Engeki Battle Royal「Gan Mage!」@KINOKUNIYAHALL
2007  DAMIAN「Depressing Machines」@NAKANO Light Theatre
2003  KEGAWA-ZOKU「Make me want you..」@ParthenonTAMA
         KEGAWA-ZOKU「Desparate for」@Shimokitazawa Station Theatre
1999  Gekidan ? Kara-gumi「Sleeping Grass」 (In Kyoto and Osaka)
         Gekidan ? Kara-gumi「When our zoo disappeared」

《STAGE -Written and directed activities》
2003 ~  Kokusyokukitan ? Ground of Canary  ALL performance 
         Written and directed
2010  International Theater Institute Play reading「Women wearing veil」
         @Theatre iwato  Directed
         Miel #001「KOKOCHIRI」@Atoriesentio  Write
         CAT Produce「Sakura Color Mom’s wedding」
         @KINOKUNIYA Southern Theatre  Write
2009  Avex Live Creative「Red and Black」@AKASAKA  RED/THEATER 
         Dramatization and directed
         Setagaya Public theater「Reading Japanese Volume 2」@Theatre Tram
2010  CINRA「Sakura Color Mom’s wedding」interview 
2009  STAGE LIFE「Turning Point」
2007  Girl Ditective (TBS) WEBISODE
2006  Recruit Media Communications

2011  Theater Guide, “My this month” Serialization
2010  Theater Guide, “My this month” Serialization
         Tokyo Headline, “Akazawa Muck interview” 
2009  Wonderland Little Theater
         Engeki Book ? an interview for theater play, “Red and Black”
         TH Series  “Dear deer spring”
2008  Tokyo Headline, “Akazawa Muck interview”
2007  Theater Guide, “Stage: – Leucadendron ? circus tent like a red skirt-.”
         Pyaprus, issued in August, “Featured: Young stage actors, leaders of the next
         Engeki Book “UP-TO-DATE KEY WORD
         TH Series No. 30
         Tosyo Shinbun, issue 07/3/10 “Questioning the disease ?wanna-be peaked”
         Theater Guide “Practice of Shimokita style modern theater” / from Morning
2006  Freepaper “dictionary” 113
         Engeki Book “Close up” / from Enbu Inc
         Theater Guide / from Morning
2005  Engeki Book “Close up” / from Enbu Inc
         Engeki Book “Kore Mite!” / from Enbu Inc
2004  Kimono Komachi / from Gentosya Comics

2006  Monthly magazine, “SAKURA” ? Modeling for Japanese Kimono
2004  Syashin Geki -“The Blue Room” Entrance hall in Shibuya
         / photo by Maiko Miyagawa

2007  Cho-fu FM Radio   Radio drama “Fall Festival”

2011  「Beetle under the moonlight ~conception play」/ Witten by Akazawa Muck
2009  「Ryokiuta」/ Witten by Yumeno Kyusaku / Produced by Akazawa Muck