Ogawa Eriko

Ogawa Eriko

Ogawa Eriko

Birthday: September 2, 1978
Place of birth: Tokyo

2004・2005 Member of the Lincoln center Directors Lab
2006・2007  Recipient of Japanese Government Overseas Study Fellowship Program for Artists

2010 Odashima Yushi/Drama Translation Award

2010 Hibikibito theater company「Doubt~Allegory question concerning~」
         @Chitosefunabashi APOC Theatre  Directed
         CAT Produce / J.Clip「The Late Henry Moss」
         @Akasaka Red Theatre  Translate and directed
         Hibikibito theater company「Orphans」@Zamuza  ASAGAYA  Directed
         Japan Society「Mysterious Creature Folktale」@Japan Society, NYC Directed
         woken’glacier/Mabou Mines「The Nature of Captivity」@PS122, NYC Directed
         Julliard Student Association「One Beautiful Morning」@NYC Directed
2009 Plug-In theater company「The Zoo Story」
         @Theater Rakuen  Adaptation and directed
         Artist&Artists Production「My Tokyo Diary」@Rikkoukai HALL  Directed
         woken’glacier「The Bus that got cut its eyes」@TBG Theater, NYC  Directed
         ※Samuel French Festival Theatre・Finish second
         Japan Society「Japanese Old Stories」@NYC  Written and directed
2008 Plug-In theater company「Twelve Angry Men」
         @Theater MOMO Adaptation and directed
         Japan Society「Japanese Old Stories」
         @Japan Society, NYC Written and directed
         woken’glacier「Box Man」@TBG Theater, NYC  Adaptation and directed
2007 Japan Society 「Sadako and One Thousand Cranes」 
         @SONY HD Theater, NYC  Written and directed
         Japan Society「Tanabata」@Japan Society, NYC  Written and directed
         Theatre Arts Japan 「Story in a Story」 @TGB Theatre, NYC 
         Written and directed
2006 Plug-In theater company 「Hououcho no Hininhou」 @Mejiro Ipit theatre
         Theatre Arts Japan 「a-work-in-progress Story in a Story」@NYC
         woken’glacier Strawberryfield Festival「The 7th Disorder」@NYC
2005 Theatre Arts Japan Fringe Festival「Tokyo Nostalgia」@NYC
         Theatre Arts Japan 「PaperBalloon」(NY Times Reviews)
         @Common Basis Theatre, NYC
         woken’glacier 「Seal Sing Its Song」@Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC
2004 Lincoln Center Directors Lab 「Seagull」 @Lincoln Center, NYC
         Actors Studio MFA  Rep. Season 「Jewish Wife」「Audience」   
         「the beautifulest room」「Eusebius and Florestan」
         「Down the Road」 @Westbeth Theatre, NYC
2003 woken’glacier Fringe Festival 「Penguin, Puppies and Porn」@NYC

《Fellowship and affiliation》
woken’glacier theatre company:Founding member/Affiliation director
Theatre Arts Japan:Founding member/Artistic Director
Association of North America director(SSDC):Associate Members
Lower Manhattan Culture Council Grant:Winning
New York Theatre Workshop  Fellowship:Finalist

2010 The Academy of Music 「Tea: A Mirror of Soul」
         (by Tan Dun Opera Company of Philadelphia)
         Directed /Assistant director Amon Miyamoto
2009 「March 5 days」「Cooler」(Chelfitsch)
         :North America・Canada Tour Manager
         : Okada Toshiki ‘s interpretation workshop
2008 「Japan Day @ Central Park」
         (Consulate General of Japan, etc…..Events by Central Park )
         :Stage production and performance and Management
         Gorgeous Entertainment Inc「Up in the Air」@Kennedy Center, DC
         (The new musical directed by Amon Miyamoto @NYC)
         :Interpretation of Amon Miyamoto’s rehearsal
2007 「It is said that the men are over in the Steel Tower」
         (MONO Theatre and woken’glacier Theatre  Theatrical collaboration)
         :Tsuchita Hideo mediation and NY Artist, producer and translator
         「Butoh America」
         (Choreographer Akira Kasai and Dancer’s Collaboration work)
         :Rehearsal stage manager of interpreter and Akira Kasai
         (Setagaya Public Theatre production work)
         :Interpreters and tour manager for North American Tour
2006 「Yalta Conference / OL Chushingura」(by Hirata Oriza)
         :Tours tour manager and an interpreter in North America /Canada
         「40 Minutes from Back」
         (NY in a series leading Japanese contemporary theatrical):Producer
2005 「Agatsuma Hiromitsu Tour」(Shamisen)
         :Interpreters and tour manager for North American Tour
         「Japanese and War」(NY in a series leading Japanese contemporary theatrical)
         「The Cherry Orchard」
         (Crossing Jamaica Theatre Company Off Broadway)
         :Stage manager

Directed:Lloyd Richards (Tony Award)
Andrea Manolikakis(Actors Studio)
Acting:Elizabeth Kemp(Studied under Lee Strasberg)
Marilyn Sokol ( “Sex and City” Comedic actress)
Collaboration with playwright:Gene Lasko (Emmy Award)
Lighting design:Donald Holder(“Lion King” Tony Award)
Voice & Speech: Alba Quezara, Susan Cameron